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Nice to meet you here!👋👋👋 Our team provides services for blockchain projects: DeFi, IEO, ICO, STO, exchanges, cloud mining etc. We develop customized marketing strategies using the most efficient tools for business. The blockchain industry is very unpredictable and chaotic. Therefore, you need to choose the professionals.










Community development

Community development

We create media plan and content for social networks: 5 quality text copiraign with picture design. Our managers communicate with participants, answer questions, post announcements, create/update pinned messages and FAQ, fight spammers and scammers in the group. Also we monitor business competitors, to ensure presence on all necessary platforms for maximum results.

Bounty Campaign

Bounty Campaign

Powerful tool for creating an active community and HYPE. Give the tasks to the people and pay with your tokens: promotion in social networks(posts, reposts, comments, likes); referral program; video and article creation, bitcointalk promotion, document translation, etc. Most of all team and bounty hunters believe in project. Turn key: Marketing, Development and Managing.

Airdrop Campaign

Airdrop Campaign

Airdrop - tokens distribution for simple action. Usually, tokens are distributed to users for registration on websites, join social networks, or other simple actions. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to contact the target audience — people who are already involved in cryptocurrency. We develop rules, telegram bot, make placement on Airdrop listings, marketing, mailing. At the end we make verification of the participants and send tokens.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing

People are tired of aggressive approaches. Guerilla Marketing allows us to create completely natural advertising that will fit into the appropriate context and perform the planned functions. Social activity shows to investors that the project is alive, active and worth investing. We will develop campaigns based on your goals and targets. Spreadsheets with reports will be able 24/7. We work on all forums and social networks.

Listing on Exchanges

Listing on Exchanges

We work directly with major crypto exchanges, and ensure that all technical requirements are taken care, and a seamless listing process is carried out. Also we collaborate with all prominent crypto exchanges.

Followers + Likes for any social medias

Followers + Likes for any social medias

Social Networks — face of the company in the Internet. Subscribers and likes, this is an indicator of success in investor eyes! Potential clients sees for the first this part of the company: Facebook, Twitter or Reddit - they must to show your in right light!



Ganesh Puri

LUCRE used the service of Sofia’s company for a month during the ICO pre-sale and was very happy with the professionalism of the team. The team made an effort to understand the product and the comments were quite intelligent.


Благодарен вашему сервису!!! Ничего лишнего, всё по делу. Понятный и качественный сервис! Огромное спасибо администраторам!!! Продолжаем работать... :+1::+1::+1:

Sergey Rozhkov

работали около 3 месяцев, все понравилось, пунктуальность и качество на уровне, респект)


1. Few weeks 2. Services сlear, especially on website 3. Quality accounts and dilignce on regular posting 4. Very happy, we cancelled our old provider to work with you


1. How much time worked with us -->40days 2. What you didn’t like during the collaboration? -->nothing to say 3. What did you like during the collaboration? -->quick answer 4. General impression from our partnerships -->good partnership


"Пользовались услугой по продвижению проекта на форуме более 3 месяцев, отличные исполнители, всё получилось как было заранее оговорено. Ребята умеют адаптировать стратегию под специфику проекта! Так держать! "

Mayan MV
Building BlockBar. Branding Marketing Strategy & Business Partnerships

1. Two projects spanning around two months. Bounty moderation. 2. Everything was good. 3. Smooth process, that was the best part. 4. Will definitely be working with you for similar requirements

Project manager

We were pleased to work with guys. Our order was: 1. Community management in Reddit. 2. Posting project announcements into crypto related subreddits. Completely satisfied with results. Personally, we would like to note very high speed of response on our requests from managers.

Przemysław Karda

1. One week. 2. Everyhing was okay. 3. Engagement. 4. It was okay but for now we are not lunching marketing campaing.

Assist for right Person

1. Few months 2. To much perfectionism 3. Fast answers 4. Will continue collaborations

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