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About us

Sofico Agency is a Crypto Marketing & Consulting agency. We delivering turnkey solutions for successful crypto, NFT, DeFi, STO, ICO and IEO promotion.

A boutique team with a total of 148 years of experience in digital marketing. We offer transparent KPIs and a revenue share model.


Information is the fuel powering your business. We gather all the information you need to grow faster. Our research is cited by leading global media.


We scale your success: get new B2B and B2C clients in 14 countries, including the US, UK, Brazil, and Russia.


Choose your marketing partner carefully. Since you've read to this point, we'll reward you with an additional free consultation – simply use the promo code SOFICONFT!



Timely support to the questions and complaints raised in the community. Conducting various promotion and marketing driven engagements activities, like AMA, contests, etc(on request) Contribute in idealing and implementing Community building strategy together with other team members. Our managers will motivate people, solve tons of issues, and become the best friends for the community!


A powerful tool for building an active community and HYPE. Give tasks to people and pay with tokens: social promotion; referral program; creating videos and articles, forums promothion, translating documents, etc. Teams and bounty hunters believe in the project the most. We provide development, marketing and management.


Tokens distribution for simple and effective actions: registration, join telegram, twitter etc. The fastest and cheapest ways to build community and contact the target audience. We provide turnkey solutions: rules creation, telegram bot creation, campaign management, users support, marketing, verification of the participants and provide a participant list.

Growth hacking

Completely native advertising that performs the planned functions. We develop campaigns based on project goals and targets. Series of activities in Twitter and Telegram can show that project is active and worth attention.



Ganesh Puri
CEO, Lucre

LUCRE used the service of Sofia’s company for a month during the ICO pre-sale and was very happy with the professionalism of the team. The team made an effort to understand the product and the comments were quite intelligent.

Vadim Machnev
CVO & coFounder, Saturn Black

Thank you for your service !!! Nothing odd, everything at the point. Clear and high quality service! Many thanks to the administrators !!! We continue to work 💪💪💪

Alain Phoumalavong
COO & Co-founder, SWINCA

1. We worked 40 days. 2. What I didn't like during the collaboration? Nothing to say. 3. What did you like during the collaboration? Quick answers. 4. I have positive impression from our partnerships!

Przemysław Karda
CEO & Co-founder, TecraCoin

1. One week. 2. Everyhing was okay. 3. Engagement. 4. It was resultative! 👍👍

Mikhail Moudrakovski

1. Few weeks 2. Services сlear, especially on website 3. Quality accounts and dilignce on regular posting 4. Very happy, we cancelled our old provider to work with

Mayan MV
Marketing Strategy & Business Partnerships, TOQQN

1. Two projects spanning around two months. Bounty moderation. 2. Everything was good. 3. Smooth process, that was the best part. 4. Will definitely be working with you for similar requirements


We have been using the service to promote the project on the forum for more than 3 months, they are excellent performers, everything turned out as agreed in advance. The guys are able to adapt the strategy to the specifics of the project! Keep it up!

Sergey Rozhkov

worked for about 3 months, I liked everything, punctuality and quality at the level, respect)

Project manager

We were pleased to work with guys. Our order was: 1. Community management in Reddit. 2. Posting project announcements into crypto related subreddits. Completely satisfied with results. Personally, we would like to note very high speed of response on our requests from managers.

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